User Manual

by Zubaria Zafar
Kompetes User Manual

This is a complete user manual that will help you to use Kompetes.

Player Sign Up and Profile

All tournaments, matches, player profiles are visible as public pages and do not require any sign-in. But to participate in a tournament and create a team an account is required

  1. The image below shows the home page from here a user can click on register to go to sign up page or on login to log into his/her account Both buttons are at the top-right corner of the page, these buttons are visible on all pages.
  1. After Clicking on register sing up page appears shown in the picture below:
  1. Registration only requires an email and a password, the same password needs to be repeated in the next field, after clicking on register user will be directed to the login page on successful registration (Picture below):
  1. From here user can use the same email and password to login to his/her account
  1. After login, on the top right corner there Login/ Register button is replaced with Dashboard / [Name] Account.

Note: It is recommended to the user to open his/her profile and fill it at its earliest as the info will be displayed on our website.

  1. To Edit profile hover over the account button at the top-right corner, a drop-down will appear, click on Edit Profile (Picture below):
  1. The Picture below shows the profile edit page, user can fill in details and click on the Save button at the bottom to save changes:

Player Dashboard

The above pictures show Player Dashboard it can be reached by clicking on the Dashboard at the top-right corner.

The following things can be seen:

  • Teams (Owned and others which player is a member of)
  • Tournaments (Which the player is participating)
  • Matches (Matches where a player is a part of)
  • Payments (Record of each payment made by our payment gateway. For participating in a tournament )

Creating A Team

A user can be a part of a team there is no imposed limit to the number of teams that a user can be part of,  but a user can create only 1 team of its own.

Team Structure:

Player 1 is lead, the user who created the team 

Player 2 another member

Player 3 another member

Player 4 another member

Player 5 another member

So a total of 5 Players.

Note: To participate in a tournament following conditions must be met:

  • The team should have all 5 members
  • The tournament can have a max of 32 teams
  • The tournament should be in Registration Stage
  1. To Create a Team, Go to dashboard > team page > As Lead,  there is a Create Team link at the bottom of the page shown in the picture below:
  1. Create a team form will appear shown in the picture below:
  1. Fill in details and click on the Create team button.
  1. After the creation of a new team browser will be redirected to the dashboard, now there is a team with an edit icon on the top-right corner of its box (Shown in the picture below):
  1. Click on the Edit icon to invite other players to join the team, or change name/ profile image(Picture below):
  1. On this page team, Details can be changed including the name of the team, team profile picture, and team cover picture. The Update Team button below will save all new changes made in the fields above.
  1. When a new team is created it has no players. To add players to the team click on Add sing on the right of the Players heading(Picture above). It will lead to a list of players that can be invited to the team (Picture Below)
  1. The picture above shows a list of players that can be invited, to invite players, click on the Add player button against the player in the same row. After that, an invite will be sent to the player [more on this in the next section]. Players can also be searched by name or email in the search bar.
  1. This picture above is the same page, this time it has a player in the invites table above the search bar with a delete button. 
  1. If the user wants to cancel the invite click on the delete button (as shown in the above picture). 
  1. A user can invite up to 4 players, to invite any further an existing player must be removed from the invited list or from the team, or if an invited player rejects the invitation. [Invited list is the Invited section of the above picture] [List of the team can be seen in the picture below]:
  1. To remove a player from the team, click on the Remove Button against that player in the Players table (Shown in Picture Above).

Team Invites

  1. Whenever an invite is sent to a Player it will receive a notification and the invite can be seen in Dashboard > My teams > Invites  Page (Picture Below). 
  1. To accept the invite click on Accept and to reject click on Reject. Once accepted the Player can not remove himself out of the team, only the team lead can remove him from the team. Once an invite is rejected it will no longer appear on the dashboard.

Participating in a Tournament

  1. To Participate in a tournament Search for the tournament. Search can be made by search bar in the Top Right section of all public/player  Page  (Can be seen in the picture above).
  1. Search results Look like the image below, Click on the tournament to open it Page!
  1. A player can only apply for a tournament if and only if the tournament is in the registration stage. A tournament in registration will look like the picture below:
  1. At the top Right corner of Tournament Block, there is an Apply Button, click on that to apply to the opened tournament. If all conditions are met it will lead to a Payment Page (More in the section below).
  1. The Apply button can be used repetitively, it will only send one invite and if invite all ready exists it will lead to the Payment page. Once your payment is confirmed by our admins they will approve the application and your team will start appearing in the Participating Teams List at the bottom.
  1. Conditions to apply to a tournament:
    1. Only the team lead can apply.
    2. The player should have a team 
    3. Team Should have 5 members (including lead)
    4. No member of the team should be a part of another team that has already applied to the tournament.
    5. Tournaments Registration should be open

Paying Entry Fee

  1. After Click Apply on the tournament page if all conditions are met Payment page will come next. (Picture below)
  1. On this page, Payment can be made Card. Errors in the transaction will be displayed on this page. Once the Payment is successful, the Pay button will be disabled and the User can go back to the tournament page. 
  1. Our Platform will only accept one payment from a user on behalf of a team any other/duplicate transaction will be canceled automatically.

Note: Due to missing SSL setup on the domain, the payment gateway will not work as supposed to, but the user application is already sent to admins, they can still accept the application if they have to.

Connecting to a match server

When a match is about to begin our admins will send an email containing credentials regarding the match server. Details about when they will arrive can be found in the policy section or will be emailed to the user.

The email will look like the image below:

Connect in Server 

  1. Open Steam and click on View. Go to Servers and Open servers page.
  1. In the Favourites tab, click on the Add A Server Button as shown below:
  1. Now type the IP address sent in the email and Click on the Find Games at this address. Confirm server name from the email.

4. Your Server will pop up on the list. Click on the server, type your password is sent to you in email and Join the game!

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