Is FIFA 21 broken?

by Daniel Asante

The news of the retirement of FIFA 21 has been circulating around for a few days. How true is it, and what are the factors behind it? FIFA has been a favourite sports game for all the football lovers, but what would happen if it is broken?

The newest version of FIFA features slight gameplay tweaks, but it seems like the real innovations will be saved for next year. Each year, during the briskness of autumn, EA announces a new edition of FIFA, the master game of the football franchise.

(EA Sports, FIFA 21)

FIFA 21 comes at a very strange time for the world. The football stadiums have been emptied of fans in pretty much all countries for over six months. The use of a real-life cheering crowd in the backing track of these games is probably something that is helping the fans ease into the idea that there won’t be any stadium matches for a while yet.

Although, in other ways, the game looks more like real football than it has in a while. Especially at the higher level, where Video Assistant Referees have radically revolutionised the way they score and how the defenders shift across the pitch.

FIFA 20 wasn’t a big hit because it players didn’t accept it as well as other FIFA games. It has gathered an absolutely dreadful score of just 1.1 for its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions. Because of this, fans have concluded that the game must be broken, and probably was from the moment it launched in September 2019. The Career Mode part of the game experienced various issues, including the weak fielding of opponent teams, and the managers getting fired even after having good past records.

(EA Sports, FIFA 21)

This entire experience hasn’t been improved upon at all. Fans are still very eager to hear back from EA Sports about the next FIFA game, though, because they believe that the long-running games company has the potential to do better. 

The pandemic this year has created many concerns, and FIFA 21 is one of them. No one from EA Sports has confirmed any potential delay of the game, but it wouldn’t surprise fans if such a thing did occur. 

The CEO of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson, had this to say: “We have a long history of creating spectacular sports content that’s not directly dependent or reliant on the real world of sports.”

As standard, EA has made a few subtle design tweaks and marketed them as the latest innovative features in sports gaming. This year’s reports contain peaks at an agile dribbling element for the game, which would allow gamers with to click the right bumper and bring off the kind of footwork that becomes popular on social media game highlights.

(EA Sports, FIFA 21)

Generally speaking, the game is an okay purchase. If you’ve owned the last few FIFA games, you’ll definitely end up purchasing FIFA 21, too — mainly because you can upgrade to the next-gen version provided for free if you’re on the PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox console. If you’re just a casual FIFA player or you haven’t played for a couple of years, it’s difficult to recommend this newer version as a must-play football game.

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