CSGO Cloud9 signs es3tag from Astralis to complete their roster

by Daniel Asante

Cloud9 has added their final member to their Counter-Strike team: Patrick “es3tag” Hansen. Hansen was fully integrated into the team on 16th October 2020, which was announced on their social channels to welcome him to C9.

The news came prior to the official transfer of the player from his former squad. Astralis’ Henry “HenryG” Greer informed fans about the deal through a post on his social media.

Es3tag with Astralis

Astralis signed Hansen back in July. The former player had a very short time with the Danish squad as he decided not to miss the opportunity being presented to him from Cloud9.

Hansen enjoyed a well-maintained position at Astralis as the organisation had great ambitions with the former player on their roster. The 24-year-old professional gamer says that Cloud9’s offer is the opportunity he was waiting for and he needed to consider it very seriously. The player also mentioned that he loved the idea behind the project Cloud9 was proposing.

With these ideas and ambitions, Cloud9 should be able to enter the top ranking of teams in Counter-Strike.

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Deal with Astralis

“HenryG” from Astralis describes the deal with Cloud9 in his recent social media posts. According to a post, Cloud9 would be signing “es3tag” on a 3-year contract. The former Astralis star has a value of $2.1 million with the role of entry/aggressive rifle on the team.

Es3tag will officially start following his new contract from 25th October 2020. The new squad looks forward to some great gaming. With this offer, Cloud9 has signed the biggest deal in the history of CSGO.

(Patrick Hansen)

Astralis’ Reaction

As the professional leaves the official roster of Astralis, the organisation is now thinking about its expanded roster. The Director of Sports at Astralis, Kasper Hvidt, says that the organisation might have 5 to 7 players, in order to maintain the consistency in their overall performance.

However, these are not cemented plans. They are planning to build up 2-team complete rosters as they do for their League of Legends squad. Hvidt thanks “es3tag” for his hard work at Astralis and wishes him luck for his future career. 

Cloud9’s Current Roster

As “es3tag” joins Cloud9, the team finally completes its five-man roster for CSGO. The current roster of Cloud9 contains Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, William “mezii” Merriman, Ricky “floppy” Kemery, Ozgur “woxic” Eker, and Patrick “es3tag” Hansen. The official head coach of the team is Aleksander “kassad” Trifunovic. 

Now that Cloud9 has signed “es3tag”, the squad is getting ready to enter upcoming challenges. The new team is quite strong, as it gathers several of the fan-favourite gamers from multiple teams. Cloud9 is going to get through their first test in whichever tournament goes ahead next. 

However, it is difficult to say when this will be due to the current pandemic. Hopefully, the completed Cloud9 squad will be able to put all of their members (and their teamwork) to the test in the near future.

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