How to tackle esports fatigue

by mccartmedia

If you’re spending countless hours on CS: GO or any other games, you might be starting to feel exhausted, this is more common than you might think and many pro players have set routines to help them avoid fatigue.

Gaming fatigue can impact several aspects of your life such as your work, family and relationships; ultimately though, it can have a negative impact on your gaming. Let’s dive into the effects of esports fatigue, and more importantly, what you can do to relieve the symptoms.

How can fatigue impact your game?

Let’s suppose you are feeling exhausted during a competitive match of CS: GO, it will likely have a knock-o effect on your performance and lower your chances of winning.

If you are feeling the effects of fatigue, it will not only impact your game but also affects your team too.

Problems concentrating

If you play CS: GO with a lack of energy, you will likely make some silly mistakes such as pulling a grenade or running into the enemy fire without even thinking about it.

Reactions are slower

Matches such as duels 1v1 in CS: GO rely on fast responses, with the player with the fastest and most accurate shot becoming the winner. Its the milliseconds that will ultimately determine the match result, if you are sluggish to react, you’ll almost always lose.

Decreased motivation

If you are feeling undermotivated, you’ll be less likely to want to win a match, which is a direct result of fatigue. You will often give up instantly after your first loss.

Increased frustration

To come out on top in CS: GO you need to maintain some composure. If you are getting angry, not only will it impact your team, but you are also more likely to rage quit. This is especially true when you suffer from fatigue.

How to overcome esports fatigue

There are a plethora of ways you can overcome esports fatigue, but we’ll share one of the best practices with you right now.

Its called a power-nap. In other words, taking a nap during the day that’s no longer than 25 minutes, and as a result, you’ll be ready to game for at least a few hours afterwards. Although this sounds straightforward, in reality, you will only benefit if the power-nap conditions are right.

Isolate your power-nap

Finding a place at home which is away from any distractions such as outside sounds, buzzing elctrical noise and you might even choose somewhere that is dark with the curtains closed. 

Switch off your mobile

Either mute your mobile or switch it off completely. Your power-nap should be undisturbed, so anyone calling can wait until after your 25 minutes are up.

Get comfortable

During your power-nap, you should ensure you are comfortable. This is not about going into a very deep sleep, but you should have the comforts you should have that you are used to during your night routine, i.e. a quilt and pillow. Avoid sleeping on the floor or in a gaming chair, perhaps use the sofa.

Set an alarm

Set the alarm on your mobile or via an alarm clock for 25 minutes. If you are already fatigued and believe you will go to sleep instantly, then 25 minutes is ideal. If you take longer to drifty off, go for 35 minutes but no more.

You might find it difficult to adjust to this new routine on the first day or two if you’ve never power-napped previously. Much like getting your game right in CS: GO, practice makes perfect.


Various contributors can cause Esports fatigue in our lives, and CS: GO players can suffer as a result. Focus is one of the core elements of coming out on top in CS: GO, and having a power-nap during the day can help to boost your energy levels for those late-night gaming sessions.

Ultimately, we’d advise you to remember the golden rule of 20-25 minutes (or 35 if you are not as tired and have trouble drifting off. Take too long of a power-nap, and it can result in increased fatigue. Take too short of a power-nap, and you will probably feel the same as you did before your power-nap.

There are lots of other actions we can take to improve our energy levels such as changing our nutritional habits and physical exercise, but we’d suggest beginning with a power-nap to see if it helps.

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