100 Thieves Leaves CSGO Competitive Gaming

by Daniel Asante

The most recent news from the CSGO scene is not pleasant for the fans across the globe. 100 Thieves will be officially parting ways from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s competition scene.

The announcement came in a video released from Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, CEO and Founder of 100 Thieves. He published this video on their official Twitter channel.

There have been previous rumours over the organisation’s attempt to make an introduction to the League, but the latest video did not cover this at all. Still, Haag clarified that 100 Thieves will be formally parting ways with CSGO.


It is with a heavy heart we announce that 100 Thieves will be exiting CS:GO.

Everyone is aware that 100 Thieves is among one of the most prominent gaming organisations in North America. According to Haag, there was so much unpredictability and vague decision-making that something could happen at any moment which would make it almost impossible for 100 Thieves to be proactive in CSGO.

Aside from dealing with the global pandemic, and the events being held online, the organisation was unable to assist players with their request for more freedom in CSGO’s European events. Gradually, everything piled up and it left the company with no other choice but to leave CSGO.

Why did 100 thieves leave the organisation?

Among the list of problems within the organisation, the most obvious reason was how the organisation made rash decisions during roster changes. Even the top teams have suffered immensely and were unable to perform at their full potential when their best players were taken off the roster. 

A similar thing happened for 100 Thieves, which cost them a lot of games, and the points system restricted their right to freely participate in CSGO events even before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It is the second instance in recent years where 100 Thieves will be leaving the competitive world of CSGO.

Epic 100 Thieves Recap

100 Thieves made their introduction into the world of CSGO by recruiting Brazilian powerhouses from the Immortals roster before ELeague Boston Major, 2017. However, immigration and personal issues resulted in the immediate disbandment of the squad. 

It’s been just one year since 100 Thieves managed to get their hands on the Renegades roster of Australian players, and the squad kicked off brilliantly by getting second in Intel Extreme Masters XIV 2019, as well as placing at the number five spot in the global rankings.

Unfortunately, this year didn’t bring as much good fortune for them. 100 Thieves lost their spot among the top 10 teams on the leaderboards, with their only noteworthy accomplishments being them placing second at ESL Pro League’s 12thSeason and placing third at North American DreamHack Masters’ Spring 2020 event.

Their coach, Chet “Chet” Singh, also left to make a Valorant roster for NRG Esports. At present, the team is participating in Intel Extreme Masters XV – New York Online: North America and awaits their official disbandment after the event comes to its close on October 18th. There is no other indication as to what will become of the players, and only time will tell whether or not the organization will make for a return in the CSGO scene.

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