10 tips every player should know about CS: GO

by mccartmedia

CS: GO comes out on top as one of the most competitive and popular games around right now. To get to the highest levels however is no easy task, so much so that there’s only a small number of players who have what it takes to beat the rest. The main reason many do not climb the ranks is that they don’t have the motivation to put in the grind to master the game.

Casual gamers play to unwind, and its this that separates the novice players from the pros. Read on to find out how to up your game in CS: GO.

1. Know your weapon

You should continuously practise aiming and shooting with the weapon you feel comfortable using, learn the rates of fire, damage and spray patters+ns. Doing all of this will ensure a more accurate shot rather than blind-shooting.

2. Vary your tactics every round

If you camp in one spot enemies are going to figure you out right away, so even if you get a lucky few kills in doing this, you should rotate your tactic on the next round. Beat the opposition using the various structures available to you across the map.

3. Burn the map into your mind

It is essential to understand the layout of any map before you dive in and start playing. Novice players won’t take the time to understand the elements of each map; professionals study them hard. Communication with your team will be improved by learning each map and will also increase speed and efficiency. 

4. Understand how powerful grenades are

It’s common for pros to throw grenades whereas beginners seem to throw them less and more thoughtlessly. An effective grenade throw can be more devastating than most weapon shots, and throwing smoke can help get an advantage over the enemy when things get tasty.

5. Mind your timings 

The different phases of a round can be impacted by time, with the pros using timing to their advantage. You will often see rushes from terrorists in as late as 20 seconds before heading to a bomb site. Players might fake sites to deceive others which takes a high level of preparation. 

Using the 20 seconds above its vital to kill at least two players with time to spare to plant the bomb.

6. Flashbangs at the ready!

It’s never safe to enter a new position. Attackers are met with players on the plant, but the whole situation can change with the use of a flashbang. Never enter a dangerous position without a flash grenade; let your team throw one or take the lead yourself.

7. There’s no need to hurry to kill unsuspecting enemies

CS: GO is not about killing every enemy right away; you should sometimes take your time and retain self-control.

Suppose an enemy passed you without noticing, don’t kill him too fast. He won’t let his team know your position, so it offers an opportunity to pop more than one of his team.

8. Monitor your radar

The pros keep a constant watch on their radar than the noobs. The minimap is a key mechanic, allowing you to see your team positions and which areas are unmanned. If your team finds an opponent, their activity will also reveal to you on the minimap. 

9 . Listen out

To succeed in CS: GO you should listen to the sounds of your surroundings. You can listen for enemy movements, not forgetting they can hear you too meaning you can make certain sounds to manipulate them!

10. Get to know the economy

You can cause more harm than good by spending mindlessly in CS: GO. Keep tabs on your money, the money of your team, as well as your enemies.

Say you win five rounds; the next rounds will award your opponent’s extra money even if they’ve lost. To smash their economy, you need to lose one round but win the next, meaning their economy is broken for the next few rounds.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that with the economy. Check out our CS: GO economy guide to learn more.

We hope you’ve found our CS: GO tips and tricks guide useful, and for any help drop us a comment below.

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